SPPARK Survival Kits

Emergency kits are a vital part of emergency preparedness plan. The first step in emergency preparedness is to purchase a reliable emergency kit for oneself and our loved ones. SPPARK Survival Kits have been designed by emergency preparedness experts to contain the most strategic and reliable emergency supplies to survive any disaster.

Human Survival Kits

SPPARK Survival Kit is comprised of disaster supplies to be stored at your home, your workplace, your vehicle(s) or other locations where you spend a lot of time. Each of our Survival Kit includes emergency food and water that is U.S. Coast Guard Approved to store safely for 5 years. Our Food Bars and Water Boxes utilize a special non-thirst provoking formula and provide survival victims with the optimal balance of calories, vitamins, and minerals to survive for 72 hours.


Pet Survival Kits

We have to admit it.....our pets are an important part of our families and we must be ready for all potential emergencies wherever we are. SPPARK Pet Survival Kit includes all the special items your pet dog or cat may need in the event of an emergency.

Survival Kits

  • Human Survival Kits

    We offer 2 and 4 person kits. We also have classroom lockdown kits.

  • Pet Kits

    Prepare for emergencies for your pets with our Cat or Dog emergency kits.

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