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We would like to present our first versatile solar powered backpack. Feel cool when you carry it to school, be poised when you go shopping, embark on hiking and fishing trips with confidence! Anytime anywhere SPPARK Solar Backpack is the solution to all your technical woes.

If you find yourself worrying about the damage that you might be doing to the environment in your everyday life, it might be a good idea to consider using solar backpacks.

Our Solar backpacks are environment friendly mobile power generators, specially designed to charge your devices anytime…anywhere! You will never need to be tied to a power outlet again! In today’s world being mobile is an important part of our lives, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Technology is giving us the ability to carry around a vast range of portable devices that we rely on everyday.

The main idea behind the solar powered backpacks is to save electrical energy.  The solar panels on the backpack help in converting the solar energy from the sun into electrical energy through various reactions. They don’t produce harmful wastes.

Solar backpack allow you to access power while travelling without depending on electricity. When it all comes down to it, a solar phone charger on a back pack is great to have on hand in case you might not have an electrical outlet available somewhere that you might be. You can charge your phone in case of an emergency, or if you are stranded with a low phone battery. Having a backpack with a solar cell phone charger can actually save someone’s life!!


Description of the Solar Bag

Each Solar Bag consists of four main components: bag + solar cell panel(s) + battery charge pack + adapters.  


 How Solar Bag Works

 Solar Bags

Each Solar Bag comes with a battery pack, conveniently stored in one of the many internal compartments of the Solar Bag. The battery pack can be recharged using the solar panels on the bag. A 1m long spring cable connected to the solar panels has a mini USB adapter on the output end, this end plugs into the battery pack for charging.

You can then transfer the power stored in the battery pack (or even whilst it’s being charged) to your devices using the USB cable, which has a universal output adapter that each of the device adapter can attach to. Simply choose the adapter to suit and plug into your device.

For optimum charging the solar cells on the Solar Bag should be angled and directed towards the sun. Alternatively for your convenience, the battery pack can also be charged via a USB AC wall charger, USB DC car charger or even via the USB port on your laptop or PC! The battery pack simply stores the power until you need it!




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Solar Products

  • Solar Bags

    Solar bags are ideal as power source during emergencies or just as 'green' chargers.

  • Solar Caps

    Keep yourself cool in the sun with builtin fan in the cap powered by the sun.

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