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In an age when the planet is experiencing global warming and adverse nature phenomenon, usage of non-renewable resources should be avoided as much as possible. Harnessing solar energy as a renewable power source has long been a feature in green living.

Solar Bags
: Everyone and not just followers of green living are finding it increasingly convenient to use solar back packs.SPPARK Solar Backpacks are made to serve the same function as a regular backpack, with the additional convenience of being a source of solar power for portable electronic appliances. The solar backpack is equipped with a solar panel which harnesses the natural resource of sunlight, and converts it into reusable energy. In the high tech gizmo world today, staying connected ALL the time is the one thing most people cannot do without, and a solar powered product such as our solar backpack offers you a way out.

Solar Totes: SPPARK Solar Totes combines fashion with function. Carry the solar totes with confidence and pride.

Solar Fan Caps: Solar Fan Cap is an exciting product. The fan on the cap is powered by solar panels which capture the sun’s energy. Solar fan caps direct a constant breeze towards a person’s forehead to keep her/him cool in the blistering heat. The speed of rotation of the fan is in direct proportion to the increase in temperature. One needs to be in direct sunlight for the fan to rotate.

Solar Fan Caps would be an ideal product to enhance an outdoor experience by keeping a person cool so that they can enjoy being outside without the sun beating down on them. The caps can be used also be used for golfing, hiking, spectator sports and gardening.  

Solar Products

  • Solar Bags

    Solar bags are ideal as power source during emergencies or just as 'green' chargers.

  • Solar Caps

    Keep yourself cool in the sun with builtin fan in the cap powered by the sun.

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